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About Equity Buyers Group

We are a Panama-based company, providing products and strategies to bolster financial statements or assisting with the establishment and expansion of new or existing credit lines.  Our services afford you the opportunity to secure the funds required to maximizing your project or business operations.

Our product line offers a variety of leased products from the TOP institutions. What we offer are for corporations and individuals who are requiring additional assets for various projects, programs, and enhancement.

Unlike most companies that offer their “strategic alliances” with many sources and various products, we are very specialized in the corporate products we provide.  We recognize details are most important in the preliminary stages of acquiring an asset. Therefore,  we ensure that information and support are made readily available to assist you and your Banker.

All Medium Term Note (MTN), Bond and Bank Guarantee (BG) transactions must be completed via SWIFT ONLY.  Please make sure your financial institution has SWIFT capabilities.  We are unable to block on DTC. We do not joint venture with any clients.  This is prohibited by contract. Our leased products are for clients who are able to pay the fees for the services required.

Our group takes great precautions in protecting your interest, confidentiality, and money.  For your security, ALL invoices are embedded in contracts and all fees are sent ONLY to Headquarters. Brokers and/or Agents are contractually prohibited to accept fees on behalf of Clients.

Equity Buyers Group have been in business since 1981 and managed by professional ex-bankers, asset managers, traders by the Questrust Ventures Inc. with regional presence of group in London, Vancouver, Zurich, Kenya and Dubai.

Equity Group is a group of companies. The asset management company, trading firm and brokerage company all in one financial boutique  included  in a structure of PanAsia-based company Equity Group an Asset Management Company.

The Equity Group has physical presence around the world across several continents from Europe to Asia. We are specializing in various funds raising techniques, private placement and trading programs so called PPP. We also provide solutions to raise funds via M&A and IPO worldwide.

Based on our self developed unique know-how solutions and wide range experience of company management with strong business management models Equity Group can be evaluated as highly perspective and fast growing asset management & consulting company. Relatively company services and interests introduced to customers can be classified on several categories: capital management, brokerage services, wealth management, investment consulting and international online trading.  The primary object of the company is an approach to public private and corporate investors by offering state-of-the art investment products created by our highly professional trading team based on highest standards and large expertise in money management. Our team has solid background and years of experience working in financial industry in banking, hedge funds, investment and trading firms of the world.


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