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Film Financing is in transition as the industry is constantly adapting to the volatility in the capital markets. The risk factor is considerably high when investing in films as traditional Equity Investors. The company has developed a disciplined approach to film finance mostly in the form of Minimum Guarantees which allows it to strategically leverage an investment without a proportional increase in risk by being in first position for recoupment of all its monies plus interest ahead of any traditional investors.

This grants a competitive advantage to Iastra Broadcasting and its Investors as they hold a first priority senior secured debt interest in the films and TV shows we are producing now. Minimum Guarantee is simply an advance towards the rights to a film at a smaller percentage of the film’s total budget.

By investing primarily in the form of a Minimum Guarantee, the company is able to minimize its risk. Regardless of the box office performance of the film or its inability to recoup its full budget, the investment is protected from the first revenues of the Film.

The Management team and its advisory board have more than twenty years of experience in film production and distribution with an outstanding track record of success with companies including but not limited to Warner Bros, Paramount Studios, Universal Pictures, Mandalay, Albatros, Univision, Telemundo, Lions Gate Entertainment and many many more around the world.

The existing library contains films with all the notable stars you see on Television and Movies every day including but not limited to Jack Nicholson, Kirsten Dunst, Dennis Quiad, Adrian Brody, Sharon Stone, Dennis Hooper, Christina Ricci, Amy Smart, Rupert Everett, Heather Graham, David Carradine, Tim Curry, F. Murray Abraham, James Caan, Martin Landau, Virginia Madsen, Brook Shields, Natasha Lyonne, Tom Berenger, Cathy Moriarty, Morgan Fairchild, Debi Mazar, Corbin Bernsen just to name a few.

MovieInvestorsClub.com is a online destination specifically for Movie and TV Show producers, this is where the donors give you money to produce your movies and TV shows

If you have a Movie you want to put up for Funding go to:

Cross Country Promotion is largely dealing with Urban Programming and RAP Concerts with Crowd Funding as a way to a specific target audience to raise project capital by donation only, once a project has a donor you may contact those donors and work out whatever deal you like with them for more money. that is between you and your donors to strike up an agreement you both like.

to list your Project on CrossCountry Promotion for funding  go to: http://crosscountrypromotion.com/community/crowdfunding/projects


Iastra.net Arts and Entertainment Community is the Social Network for Entertainment People. if you have a Movie or literally any kind of Entertainment Project you should list it on Iastra.

For More Information Go To: 

GuerillaStudios.net is a Recording Studio with a Video and Concert Crowd Funding application that can fund literally any Music Project, Concert, Music Production, Band Tours anything to do with Music Production.

Find out how you can get your Band Video, Music Video, Concert Tour, or Music Festival funded go to: http://www.guerillastudios.net/crowdfunding/projects

List your music for sale on Guerilla Studio Music Store


A4PAwards.org one of the best ways to draw attention to your event is to list it on Arts for Peace, this is a online community devoted to Humanitarian Events and Awards in the Art Community this site will Fund all of your Awards Ceremonies on a Global Scale with the Celebrity Arts Community in literally any Country and for any Genre.

If you have an Awards Ceremony you want to have Funded and Promoted go to: http://www.a4pawards.org/community/crowdfunding/projects

Your Events Tickets Can be listed for sale on Arts For Peach:

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