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Iastra Campaign Structure and Ad Types

Iastra ad campaigns are structured into three levels: the campaign, ad set, and ad. The cration of your ad campaign begins with setting the objective of your campaign, then goes into deciding whom to target your ad to and what pricing to set, and finishes with the creative aspects of choosing images, writing copy, and selecting ad placements.


retweeter-daily-engagement_by_week_day_n650Promoted Post

A Promoted Post a post created specifically as an ad that you pay to promote to Social Media users. It will show up in users’ news feeds like a normal post but not on your Facebook business page and will have  “Sponsored by” displayed under the name of your business page.


Boosted Post

A Boosted Post is an organic post on your Facebook business page that you put money behind, and Iastra will deliver your post to a wider audience same as a Promoted Post. When compared to Promoted Posts, Boosted Posts have more of a focus on reaching your existing fans and increasing engagement on your Facebook page’s posts to make it seem like the engagement is organic, though they can also be served to people who don’t already like your page. For more information on how to :


• Setting Up Your Campaign
• Targeting Your Desired Audience
• Budgeting
• Bidding
• Creating Images and Copy
• Displaying Your Ad
• Analyzing Ad Success
and make adjustments in the next ad creative and delivery campaign


With social media advertising, you’re still providing people the same great value that you normally would on your other channels, like organic, social, and email—you’re just putting some money behind your promotions to show your content to people who you think would benefit from it driving traffic into your business online and offline.

Ad Types
For paid advertising with Iastra, you have your choice between several different options:

• Promoted Posts
• Promoted Accounts
• Apps / Websites or Videos

When deciding between the options, think of what your goal is. Do you want people to view a blog post or visit a webpage? Promoted Posts are your best bet. Do you want to increase brand awareness by getting people to follow your account? Go with the Promoted Account option. Since generally companies use a combination of ads going at the same time rotating through all the networks simultaneously, Ads to get people to visit a certain webpage, Promoted Posts typically are the way to go.


Promoted Posts
A Promoted Posts can either be a Posts that your account has already created before and which you can pay to promote to a wider audience (similar to a Boosted Post on Facebook), or it’s a Tweet designed specifically as an ad that will appear in users’ timelines and search results but not your own Twitter account (like a Promoted Post on Facebook). The former option can help increase engagement on your Twitter handle, and the engagement will appear to be organic.

social-media-market-world-widePromoted Account
By choosing the Promoted Account option a link to promote your account, rather than a Tweet to promote a separate URL, will show up in users’ timelines. You have 140 characters to make your account seem awesome and worth following, so make every character count.

Apps or Videos
The other two options are app installs or engagements as well as video views. The former is a good choice for mobile advertising if you have an app that you would like to promote

For more information on:

• Setting Up Your Campaign
• Targeting Your Desired Audience
• Budgeting
• Bidding
• Creating Images and Copy
• Displaying Your Ad
• Analyzing Ad Success
and making adjustments for the following ad creatives and delivery campaigns

We offer tailor made advertising packages for any budget to give you maximum results.
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